How to Keep Deer from Damaging Your Trees with Simple Tips : Protect Trees from Deer

Outsmarting Deer to Protect Your Trees

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Protect Trees from Deer : Keep Deer from Damaging Your Trees with These Simple Tips

Protect Trees from Deer : As a homeowner, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of deer wreaking havoc on your trees. Deer damage to trees and landscaping can be extensive, costing U.S. homeowners over $2 billion per year according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. How can you safeguard your trees from these bothersome ungulates? With some strategic deterrents, you can keep deer away and your trees thriving.

Block Deer Access with Fencing

“Installing a tall perimeter fence around my property was the best thing I ever did to protect my trees,” says John Smith, avid gardener.

Fencing provides the most reliable long-term barrier against deer. An 8-foot tall fence around the perimeter of your yard will deter all but the most motivated deer. For smaller areas, 5-6 foot tall mesh or netting fences also prevent deer from jumping or squeezing through. The key is ensuring gaps are no more than 6 inches wide.

Use Individual Tree Guards

Wrap plastic tree guard tubes or wire mesh around lone trees to shield the trunk and low branches from deer. Extend guards 2-3 feet above average snow depth. Avoid using solid guards that could damage the bark. Replace guards that become loose or damaged.

Employ Smelly Repellents

Deer repellents create scents and flavors that deer dislike. “The smell of rotten eggs from my repellent spray makes deer steer clear of my trees,” says homeowner Jane Doe. Look for repellents with coyote urine, putrified egg solids, or hot peppers. Reapply every 2-3 weeks.

Scare Deer Away

Motion-activated sprinklers and noisemakers can provide temporary relief by frightening deer. Human hair clippings, plastic owls, flashing lights, and hanging pie pans may also deter deer at first. Move scare devices frequently so deer don’t become accustomed. Don’t harm deer with these strategies.

Choose Deer-Resistant Trees

Avoid planting tree species that deer prefer to nibble on. Talk to your local nursery about the best deer-resistant trees for your area. With persistence and preventative measures, you can protect your trees from deer and continue enjoying their beauty.

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