Get your lawn ready for winter with these essential steps.

Choose the Right Time

Late fall is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for winter. Aim for a few weeks before the first frost.

Prepare Your Mower

Make sure your mower is in top shape. Sharpen the blades, check the oil, and fill the gas tank.

Adjust Mower Height

Set your mower's cutting height to 2.5-3 inches to protect your grass during winter.

Clear the Lawn

Remove debris and leaves from your lawn before mowing to prevent damage and clumping.

Mow Dry Grass

Mow when the grass is dry to achieve a clean, even cut.

Mow in Stages

For long grass, mow in stages, lowering the cutting height gradually over multiple passes.

Avoid Scalping

Avoid scalping your lawn. Leave the grass a bit longer to protect the roots and deter weeds.

Bag or Mulch

Choose to bag or mulch the clippings, depending on your lawn's condition.

Dispose of Debris

Properly dispose of clippings and debris to prevent thatch buildup.

Apply Winter Fertilizer

Consider applying winter fertilizer to boost your lawn's resilience.

Keep Watering

Keep your lawn well-hydrated as winter approaches to prepare for the freeze.

Store Your Mower

Clean and store your mower properly to keep it in good condition during winter.

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Follow these steps to ensure your lawn stays healthy during the winter months and thrives in the spring.